Omaha Stockyards Business Park
Demolition Package and Redevelopment Design

Ehrhart Griffin & Associates was retained by the Omaha Planning Department to prepare the construction documents for the complete demolition of the approximately 54-acre remnant of the Omaha Stockyards Campus. The exclusion and protection of the historically significant Livestock Exchange Building was included within the construction documents.

During the course of our preliminary research , Ehrhart Griffin & Associates located an extensive cache of construction and record drawings, all meticulously recorded and itemized.

These drawings dated back to 1898 and portrayed all aspects of construction during the life of the Stockyards. Members of the Ehrhart Griffin design team researched the pertinent drawings in order to ascertain the extent of building footings, the existence of previously demolished buildings and the location of all active and inactive utilities crossing the site. The demolition design also included significant environmental issues. These issues include the removal of aboveground fuel storage tanks and asbestos and lead abatement.

Other design issues included close coordination with the Nebraska Department of Roads regarding the modification of the “L” Street viaduct due to the demolition of the 29th Street viaduct; close coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad regarding the demolition of the "O" Street viaduct and the protection of the railroad owned trestle at the east end of this viaduct; and close coordination with the Omaha Public Works Department regarding the closure of the 26th and "O" Street intersection.
Demolition alternatives included the crushing of all pavements to be reclaimed within the project or to be removed for use elsewhere.

Design issues regarding the protection of the Livestock Exchange Building included proper drainage after demolition is complete and the retention of necessary utilities to the building in order to prevent weather related damage to the mechanical systems. Fire protection access was also mandated and Ehrhart Griffin & Associates coordinated all design efforts to the mandates of the Omaha Fire Department. The contract for demolition was awarded in December 1999. Construction commenced in January 2000. Project was completed in December 2001.

Design efforts are currently underway for the redevelopment of this area into a 54-acre industrial park. The desire of Metropolitan Community College to be included in this redevelopment plan has resulted in the preparation of several conceptual plans by our staff members for analysis by the Omaha Planning Department and Metropolitan Community College. Included within these concepts are the relocation of Babe Gomez Avenue and the construction of an additional sanitary sewer to relieve current backup problems the Sewer Maintenance Department is experiencing in this area.



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